Services for companies. Looking for additional workforce?

Truck drivers

One of our core strengths is professional truck drivers for rent. Our team have a big experience and a large contact list.

We operate in Western Europe, Scandinavia & Baltic states

HR recruitment

Solve your staff recruitment challenges with the help of professional recruitment agency. Save tame, energy and outsource this process to us.

We will organize the whole process and provide with the best candidate for your required position or offer temporary employees.

Workforce for rent

We offer employees for rent, staff outsourcing, hiring & human resources management, temporary workforce and other services.

We operate in Western Europe & Scandinavia

HR management

We make your HR management processes easier. Hiring process from A to Z, all paperwork, salary, vacation, everyday issues & situations.

We make sure you keep your employees happy.

Qualified & non-qualified workforce

We could provide your company with the integrated staff management solutions tailored to your business. We could supply you with qualified and non-qualified workforce depending on your needs and time.

Why to choose us?


Professional team

The company employs professionals in their field with extensive experience

Over 40

Companies uses our services


Employees working right now


Top notch recruitment process

Save time

Fast & efficient workforce. NOW. When you need.

Choose period

2;4;6 weeks; season or more; you choose!

Hire more or less

Easily adjust to your needs.

Less paperwork!

We take care of paperwork, taxes, salary, bonuses, all documents, licenses, sick days, vacation, etc.

Introducing full-service workforce recruitment agency.

Benefits of working with us:
  1. Saved time and money in finding and administering staff
  2. Ability to focus on the main tasks of the company
  3. We will help to cope with sudden changes in production / service volumes
  4. We work according to the latest labor law standards
  5. We take full responsibility for the proper selection of staff
  6. The company's car fleet ensures extremely fast arrival of employees

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Staff rent helps you grow!

We are a recruitment agency, whose primary focus is hiring employees and outsourcing them to other companies. Our services include solving recruitment challenges, employee management, quick expansion or reduction, temporary help at peak season, international laws, accounting & salaries, additional cost for insurance, sick leave, paid vacation, etc. We take all responsibility for that. And you could focus on growth!

Reliable partner!

We are a professional team with big experience at recruitment and HR management. And when you need some help - we can help you just in few days’ notice. It is always a good idea to have a reliable partner, who understands you and helps you expand.

Qualified and non qualified workfoce

We could provide your company complex and  tailored to you employment and staff management  solutions. We could supply you with qualified and non qualified workforce, depending on your needs and time. 

At this moment we could provide up to 80 workers ready to work. Also we have created a process which helps fast hiring of new workforce if demand has bigger demands or season peaks. 

We could provide employees for industries, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction industry
  • many others

For example, you could hire packing plant workers; operators, installers; warehousers and other staff in the various specialties. Or even truck drivers.

How process works?


Analyzing your needs

We find out the client's needs and sign an agreement

Searching for candidates

We make sure to find the right person for your job opening.

Work begins

Employees arrive at the destination and start work.


We manage employees and find solutions to all questions, including salary, vacation, sick leave and performance.